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Visiting The Gee Edmonson Academy

On Monday, May 16th, 2016 we had the exciting opportunity to visit The Gee Edmonson Academy in Detroit, MI. Mikesha Clemons, a Troy’s Towing dispatcher and staff member at The Gee Edmonson Academy invited us to visit first through fourth-grade classrooms to talk about what we do here at Troy’s! We spent time with the students inside and outside of the classroom giving them a chance to get up close to our truck and providing them with the knowledge they need to become future tow truck operators. Many students showed interest in the field and we encouraged them to continue their studies and obtain mechanical knowledge if they’d like to become part of the towing industry as adults. It was a pleasure to meet with and share our industry with such young and eager minds. We are so thankful to The Gee Edmonson Academy, Principal Domini Nailer, and of course Mikesha Clemons for inviting us into their school. We believe in giving back to our community and educating young minds to help them on their path to becoming hard working and successful adults.

Thank you again for such a wonderful opportunity!

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